Evoq 9.11.0 Release Notes


This release note details the product updates in Evoq 9.11.0. 



Evoq 9.11.0 was released on 2023, Jan 9th.


DNN Platform 9.11.0

Evoq 9.11.0 is based on DNN Platform 9.11.0. Please find the release notes of DNN Platform 9.11.0 from its public GitHub page.


Evoq 9.11.0

Evoq Basic

Evoq Basic 9.11.0 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.11.0.

  • /API/PersonaBar/Users/ChangePassword uses an inappropriate status code when the password is unacceptable.
  • Plain text filter behaves differently from other filters used for indexing content inside files.
  • Synchronize cache errors with Azure web adapter.
  • Non-Integer thumbnail sizes break API calls.


Evoq Content

Evoq Content 9.11.0 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.11.0 and Evoq Basic 9.11.0.

  • Provide users with a way to see their liquid content webhook status.

Evoq Engage

Evoq Engage 9.11.0 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.11.0, Evoq Basic 9.11.0, and Evoq Content 9.11.0.

  • Answers module - pagination does not work when using filtering with tags that contain spaces.


  • Liquid Content
    • Extra www. added to assets within content items when using Import/Export feature.
  • Forms Builder
    • When exporting form responses, the file name must only contain safe characters and not the form title as-is.



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