Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage DLL not working after upgrading the site


After upgrading your site you may face an issue with the DNN Azure Storage DLL not working.


A common cause for this issue is a file version mismatch. It is possible that either the DLL file or the web config file remained unchanged after the upgrade causing a mismatch between the <assemblyReference> for this DLL in the web.config file and the actual version of the DLL in the ..\bin directory.

The fix would be to check the DLL version on the ..\bin directory and change the web config's <assemblyReference> for this DLL accordingly.

Should the issue persist after trying the above solution, please create a support ticket and provide the following information:

  • The DNN logs from the ..\Portals\_default\Logs folder.
  • The web config file.
  • The contents from the ..\bin folder.
  • A screenshot or video demonstrating the current behavior.



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