Troubleshooting File Upload Issues


Users might experience problems while uploading files to their DNN site such as having problems due to the file format/size or having trouble due to the access to specific areas. This article explains how to correctly troubleshoot those issues.







Check folder permissions

If a user is having problems adding files to a specific folder in the Assets section it is necessary to check the permissions in the folder following the Edit Folder Permissions article to ensure they are allowed to upload files.

Ensure the file extension is allowed

DNN will only allow files with permitted file extensions. This is a security feature to ensure malicious executable files cannot be added to the instance. If one is having issues uploading a specific file format, one can manage the file extensions whitelist following Allowable File Types and Extensions for Upload. 

Review the maximum size allowed

There is a configurable limit for file sizes in DNN, and in case the file one is trying to upload is larger than the set limit, one can follow the Increasing the Maximum File Upload Size article to update the values as needed.

Review favicon format or use a different method

The only format allowed for the favicon in DNN is ICO and one needs to ensure the image is in the correct format. If the issue persists even with an ICO file, it is recommended to follow the instructions in the Issues while Uploading Favicon File in DNN article.

Ensure the upload option is enabled

By default, only the Administrator would have access to upload files through the CKEditor and one needs to ensure the affected user is part of a role that has this access as described in the Enabling the File Upload Function in CKEditor article.

Contact Support

If the problem persists after following the guidelines above, one can Contact Support with the information below to further troubleshoot the issue.

  • Details of the issue experienced such as reproduction steps and expected behavior.
  • Log files and screenshots of the error.
  • A copy of the affected file.



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