Updating the Favicon in a DNN Instance


You are trying to update the existing favicon for your DNN instance, and wondering how this is done.



One possible method for updating the favicon for the entire DNN installation is to update the default file. Note that this method requires having access to the file server where DNN is installed.

  1.  Ensure your favicon is in the ICO format.
    • If this is not the case, convert the file to ICO format with the tool of your preference.
  2. Rename the favicon file as favicon.ico
  3. Using FTP, navigate to the root folder of your DNN installation folder.
  4. Back up the existing favicon.ico file.
  5. Add the new favicon to the root folder.
  6. Clear your browser's cache (CTRL + F5 works as well) and reload the site.

Alternatively, to update the favicon for a specific Site/Portal, one can do so from the Settings > Site Settings > Site Info menu following the Updating Site Info article. Note: Only ICO files are accepted in this area as well.

<supportagent>Note that both of these approaches can be completed by support for OnDemand customers if necessary since we have access to both the Site and File System (via FTP)</supportagent>



Once the steps above are completed, the new favicon will be displayed in the browser.




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