The Page History interface renders too wide and the left part is not visible


You may face an issue where the Page History interface (or any other interface) may not render properly. The interface might be too wide causing the left or right part not to be visible.


It is likely for this to occur if there have been changes made to the CSS file for this section, or if a custom skin style is affecting the page. To resolve the issue one can do the following:

Note: Make sure to backup the CSS file before making any changes. Additionally, it would be necessary to clear your browser's cache for the changes to reflect.

  1. Replace the affected CSS file with the default one. If the Page History interface is affected then try replacing the PageHistory.css file under DesktopModules\DnnCorp\EvoqContentLibrary\ContentEditor\Resources\EditBar\Styles with the one Attached.
  2. You may try Loading the Site with Default Skin to check whether the problem is due to the custom theme.
  3. Lastly, we can update the affected CSS file. If it is the Page History Interface then we can update the PageHistory.css file by removing/commenting out the attributes below. This should help in making the left part visible again.
    • padding-left: 85px (applies to #editBarContainer.personaBarShown .pageHistoryContainer)
    • right: 0px (applies to .pageHistoryContainer)

For the last part, it is recommended to override the style using a different CSS file such as portal.css or the skin CSS file in order to ensure the fix persists through an upgrade. Otherwise, changes made to core DNN files will be overwritten during an upgrade.




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