Troubleshooting Import/Export Issues


Users might experience problems while using the Export/import feature such as having the jobs throwing errors, getting stuck, missing content, or not even running. This article explains how to correctly troubleshoot those issues.






Review the application and job logs

Similar to other issues with DNN, it is always recommended to review the error message and the application log files in order to get further details about the problem encountered.

Moreover, in the case of the Import/Export process, one can find further details about each job in the ExportImportJobLogs table in the database. For further details about this table and the different logging levels, check Exporting a Site (Note that both Import and Export Jobs are logged in that table).

Check DNN version and known issues

Throughout the years there have been several fixes and improvements for the Import/Export feature so it is strongly recommended to ensure one is using a recent version of DNN. Below are some known problems that have already been fixed.

Confirm it is not a UI problem

In some instances, the import UI might show that only some of the Content Library items were imported even though all items were actually added. In such cases, it is recommended to perform an Export from this same (target) instance in order to confirm whether the items are still missing or if all of them were in fact imported.

Request a Tenant copy

If the Content Library items are still missing after several attempts, then one can contact support with the information mentioned in the Unable to export Content Library to a new environment article in order to perform a copy through the microservices backend. 

Ensure the scheduler task is running

If an export or import job remains as "Submitted", it is likely the task is not enabled or set to run in an incorrect server, and one would need to follow the instructions in Import/Export Task Is Stuck in Submitted Status to correct it.

Increase database connection timeout

If the import/export job is failing and the logs show it was due to a timeout, it is likely the database connection settings should be updated following Increasing the Timeout Value for an Import/Export Scheduler Job 

Ensure the languages are present in the target site

As mentioned in DNN Import Process Failed Due to Foreign Key Constraint "FK_PortalLanguages_PortalLanguages", when using localization one needs to ensure the languages used in the source site also exist in the target site; otherwise, data that belongs to a language that doesn’t exist in the target site would have conflicts.

Contact Support

If the problem persists after following the guidelines above, one can Contact Support with the information below to further troubleshoot the issue.

  • Log files and screenshots of the problem.
  • The logs from the ExportImportJobLogs table for the specific job that is failing.
  • (If applicable) The export package.
  • Any other relevant details such as the DNN version or steps on how to reproduce the problem.




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