Troubleshooting Upgrade Issues


Users might experience problems when upgrading their DNN instance such as having errors during the upgrade process, or finding the instance is not behaving as expected after the upgrade. For instance, one might encounter problems with some components such as the Personabar not working as intended. This article explains how to correctly troubleshoot those issues.






Review logs and common scenarios

Similar to other issues with DNN, it is always recommended to review the error message, and the application log files in order to get further details about the problem encountered. Refer to the Troubleshooting Common Upgrade Problems for further details on which areas to check as well as some common upgrade issues.

<supportagent>Agents can also reference Handling DNN Website Upgrades which contains further details on the upgrade process.</supportagent>

Fix issue with menu identifiers

Upgrades to Evoq 9.6 might lead to issues with multiple menus due to having incorrect identifiers and one needs to follow Upgrading to Evoq 9.6.x breaks Persona Bar menus in order to fix this issue.

Resolve site setting issues

As the problem might also be related to a specific setting or data it is recommended to review the article Site Settings Error: 'There was an error retrieving your content. Please check your internet connection' as it covers some known issues with this menu and the way to resolve them.

Update or uninstall module

As mentioned in Unable to access 'Site Settings' after updating to Evoq 9.6x, there is a known problem with some third-party modules that might cause conflicts with the Persona Bar and one needs to either remove the extension if it is no longer required or ensure the version used is compatible with your DNN version.

Update the default provider

Older versions of DNN had multiple editors available; nevertheless, in recent versions, the editor provider is CKE as DNN moved away from Telerik. Follow the Upgrading to 9.2+ could not load the HTML Editor article for instructions on how to update the provider.

Upgrade iFrame module

Having an incompatible version of the iFrame module would cause conflicts during the upgrade process and one needs to upgrade it following Error BC30456 when upgrading from 9.1.1 to 9.2. 

Contact Support

If the problem persists after following the guidelines above, one can Contact Support with the information below to further troubleshoot the issue.

  • Log files and screenshots of the problem.
  • The source and target version of the upgrade. (e.g. Evoq Basic 9.1.1 to Evoq Content 9.6.4)
  • Any other details about the issue such as reproduction steps.
  • A HAR file generated while reproducing the problem.




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