Troubleshooting License Activation Issues


Users might experience problems while attempting to activate their DNN license such as having issues loading the About menu, receiving error messages during the process, or not being able to access the licensing area during the manual activation. This article explains how to correctly troubleshoot those issues.








Restart application and clear browser cache

In case this is a problem due to server or client-side cache, it is recommended to Restart the Application and clear the browser's cache/use an incognito session, and try again.

Update the Menu identifier

If the About menu is still not loading, it is likely the identifier is invalid. As mentioned in Unable to Activate License since About Menu is Not Loading, this behavior affects early 9.6 versions and it is necessary to update the identifiers following the Upgrading to Evoq 9.6.x breaks Persona Bar menus article for the About menu to load as intended.

Validate activation details

One of the most common problems for having the activation fail is when the entered information is invalid. Make sure the invoice and email address are correct and there aren’t any leading spaces for either field. Moreover, ensure you have selected the correct type of license (Production/Development) and the correct server name from the dropdown when working with multiple nodes. See Trial Version/Unlicensed/Expired Version Message Appears After Activating License for further details.

Remove old activations

If one received an error message saying that the activation is already in use then it is likely the license is still active in another instance and one needs to follow the "License activation failed. Production activation for … is in use" Error While Activating License article to resolve it.

<supportagent>The agent instructions on how to reset the activations are in the Manually Enabling Activation for a Customer Account article</supportagent>

Ensure the correct edition is used

Having an issue with the license details suggests that the license is for a different Evoq edition and one would need to follow the steps in "License Activation failed" after an Evoq downgrade to resolve it.

Delete existing license

In some scenarios, one needs to activate the license on the same instance, and one needs to make sure to first remove the old activation as mentioned in "The license already exists in this instance" error while activating a license. 

Review server connection

This generally occurs when the DNN site is unable to connect to the Licensing server and one can follow the guidelines in the "Unable to activate license. Connection to license server failed. Please try again later or use manual activation" article to resolve this problem.

Use Manual Activation

If the automatic activation fails even though the information passed appears to be correct, it is recommended to perform a Manual Activation in case there is an issue with connecting to the server.

Reactivate Licenses

As mentioned in the article Renew Button Not Working Even After License was Renewed, this button might encounter some issues during the update process and in such scenarios, it is best to delete and activate the licenses again.

Check for whitespaces

 Receiving the "RequestInvalid" error during the manual activation process suggest that the server ID was not copied correctly. Ensure leading/trailing whitespaces are not being added to the box as mentioned in RequestInvalid while activating license through Manual Activation.

Review account Used

If the account you are using doesn’t have access to the license management area, it is likely this account doesn’t have any licenses. Make sure you are logged into the account that is bound to the Evoq licenses.

Reset password and Access account

When you know the username and email address of the account that has the licenses but you are not able to log in, use the password reset option to gain access to the account.

Gather details and Contact Support

As mentioned in the Unable to activate license due to account issues article, if one is still unable to access the account with the licenses but has another valid account, one can gather the relevant information and contact support.


Note that besides transferring the account, support can also recover the account and update the details such as the e-mail following Updating User Credentials on


Contact Support

If the problem persists after following the guidelines above, one can Contact Support with the information below to further troubleshoot the issue.

  • Details of the issue/error such as reproduction steps and screenshots.
  • The (affected) invoice/license number.
  • The email/username of the account that is bound to the licenses.
  • Your Evoq product edition (Basic, Content, or Engage).




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