Find Page Containing Specific Text


You previously created a draft page that was recently modified. However you can no longer find the page but remember specific text contained in the article (e.g., DOI reference number) and would like to find that page.


  • Install the database script "SecurityAnalyzer_SearchAllTables" to search for the missing draft.
    • Go to Settings > SQL Console > Upload a file and upload the SQL file
    • Click Run Script
  • Use Settings > Servers > Clear Cache to clear the cache
  • Use Settings -> Security -> Security Analyzer -> Scanner Check to search for the required string
  • For text in a module, you are looking for results under the 'Database Instance' section. No results here indicate that the specified string is not stored in the database.
  • Option 1 will lookup the full record and also search within files (a slower process): 
    • Go to Settings -> Security -> Security Analyzer -> Scanner Check 
    • Use the "Search Filesystem and Database" option using your search string.
    • Search string would be: SELECT * FROM <tablename> WHERE <column> LIKE '%<search string>%'
  • Option 2 is to run a general search
    • Go to Settings -> SQL Console
    • Run a search query (example: EXEC SecurityAnalyzer_SearchAllTables 'trans.14329')
    • If you searched for 'Test' and the first column of the result was [dbo].[HtmlText].[Content] then your query would be: SELECT * FROM [dbo].[HtmlText] WHERE [Content] LIKE '%Test%'
  • This solution will allow you to find anything you need in the future.
  • Please see the attached video that demonstrates this solution's process in a test instance.




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