Unable to access 'Site Settings' after updating to Evoq 9.6x


After updating your test environment to Evoq version 9.6, you are facing issues when accessing the 'Site Settings' pages ('Site Info', 'Site Behavior', 'Languages', 'Search', under Persona Bar > Settings > Site Settings) and you can see an error occurred when trying to create a controller of type 'SiteSettingsController', tied to 'DnnSharp.DryIoc.ContainerException'.


Occasionally, you are also unable to restart the application or clear the cache under the Servers page, receiving the 'Error trying to Restart Application' message. 


As seen in the stack trace, this error relates to an exception in a DNN Sharp third-party module that likely has a version incompatible with Evoq v9.6. 

It is recommended to remove any DNN Sharp modules not actively used or, in case these modules are necessary, to reach out to the module developer's support service to check which version of the module would be compatible with your Evoq version.

If you need to update the module, please follow the steps in the Installing an Extension article which also applies to updates.

<supportagent>Agents only:

The troubled module is already evident from the customer's initial screenshot, but it might be possible to narrow it down to a more specific DNN Sharp module (e.g. ActionForm) when investigating the issue. To do so, consider requesting the customer's credentials to access his site and setting the logging level to ALL in the DotNetNuke.log4net.config file before investigating the server logs.</supportagent>



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