Unable to export Content Library to a new environment


You are migrating your DNN instance to a new environment and have been successful in moving everything over except the Content Library, as when you try to import its contents to the new Library it only imports a partial number of files (e.g. 1,220 files in the new library vs. 2,959 items in the original library). Despite repeating the process multiple times, the new library always stops at the same partial export of files.


This issue could be caused by the import process timing out unexpectedly. The solution is to have a migration of your Liquid Content done by the Infrastructure team.

Please open a support ticket informing the Tenant IDs for both the old instance (source) and the new instance (destination) - both of which can be found performing the instructions in the Finding your Microservices Tenant ID article.

It is recommended to create a backup of Liquid Content before attempting the migration. 

<supportagent>Agents only:

Important: this process is a 1:1 database copy of the content and will overwrite any existing content that currently resides in the destination target. It is important to confirm with the customer that the content in the target will be overwritten once this process is completed, and also to recommend the customer to backup Liquid Content as stated above.
  1. Contact the Success Team (success@dnnsoftware.com) via Zendesk side conversation providing the following information:

    • What do you think the customer problem is? The customer is not able to perform the migration of Liquid Content locally as the data only gets partially copied. 

    • What relevant objective data do you have?

      • Source tenant ID: <input old instance tenant ID>

      • Destination tenant ID: <input new instance tenant ID>

    • What do you think the most likely root causes are? The current process of creating PRF to migrate LC is broken, so escalating this to the Success Team.

    • What specific part do you need help with? Please perform the migration of the Content Library from the source tenant ID to the destination tenant ID.

    • What is the priority of this request? High.

    • Do you have approval from the PKC to escalate this request? Yes, this is a documented process.

  2. Once the Success Team confirms the migration, update the customer ticket and ask them to check the new instance.



Once the Support Agent confirms the migration of your content, log into the target environment as a SuperUser and navigate to Content > Content Library. You should be able to see the migrated Liquid Content from the source environment.




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