Unable to delete a page in the CMS


You have created a duplicate of one of your intranet pages to run tests without affecting the original one, but now you cannot delete or hide this test page in the CMS or do anything associated with the directory in question.


Even though this is not the preferred method, you can delete the page directly from the database to overcome this issue.

Before proceeding with the deletion please ensure that you have made a backup of the databaseThen, perform the following steps using the SQL console in DNN or SQL Server Management Studio:

  1. Run the following query to get the TabID of the page:
    SELECT TabID from Tabs WHERE TabName = '<Name of the Page>'  

  2. Run the following query to delete the page from the database:
    Update Tabs SET IsDeleted = 1 WHERE TabID = <TabID from previous query>

  3. Clear the site cache

  4. Try accessing the page to confirm has been deleted from the site. 



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