How to disable File Change Notifications (FCNMode) To Improve Performance


While setting up your DNN environment in a web farm environment, you may want to disable the ASP.NET property FCNMode to improve the application performance. You can read more about this on the DNN community blog post ASP.NET File Change Notifications and DNN.



Although the webfarm configuration guide suggests different settings for FCNMode (page #17), disabling it may help if you have a large number of directories. In order to disable the FCNMode, do the following:

For .NET versions before 4.5

  1. In the registry editor, navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ASP.NET\FCNMode.
  2. Set FCNMode DWORD key value to 1. You can create a new DWORD value if it doesn't already exist.

For .NET version 4.5 and above

  1. Set the httpRuntime setting to <httpRuntime fcnMode="Disabled"/>


You can additionally refer to the related Microsoft documentation on this change as well.


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