Evoq 9.6.17 Release Notes


This release note details the product updates in Evoq 9.6.17. 



Evoq 9.6.17 was released on 2021, Jun 30th.


DNN Platform 9.6.1

Evoq 9.6.17 is based on DNN Platform 9.6.1. Please find the release notes of DNN Platform 9.6.1 from its public GitHub page.


Evoq 9.6.17

Evoq Basic

Evoq Basic 9.6.17 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.6.1. It has the following additional updates:

  • Disabling a page when it is still in workflow state returned an error.
  • Evoq connector for Amazon S3 uses an outdated logo.
  • Page name providers are disallowed.
  • Reply to activity feeds show javascript alert error.
  • Search URL crawling of DNN does not work when impersonating a role other than administrator and AD autologin enabled.
  • The black edit bar overlaps the page content.
  • the update service URL needs change to use the EVOQ version.

Evoq Content

Evoq Content 9.6.17 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.6.1 and Evoq Basic 9.6.17.

  • Errors while sharing content from Content Library to Twitter.
  • E-signature form element positioning issues on mobile.
  • Form Builder: multiple choice images.
  • Form Builder: respondent email field grows to overlap sibling content.

Evoq Engage

Evoq Engage 9.6.17 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.6.1, Evoq Basic 9.6.17, and Evoq Content 9.6.17.

  • Group Directory module shows duplicate groups on the secondary portal.



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