Visualizers Above 50 Items Are Not Visible


When the DNN Evoq customer tries to view more than 50 liquid content visualizers (defines how content items are displayed), sometimes the rest are not getting displayed and the “load more” button is not visible(screenshot below). Also, the attempt to search for the missing ones doesn’t provide any result. There are no error messages or error logs generated when it happens. To resolve this, the customer has to export the Content Library items and reimport them.




The hard-coded setting is to display only the first 50 visualizers in the content library. To view more, the user has to click on the “load more” button. The “load more” button is not visible and searches for a specific visualizer doesn’t return any result. The issue is due to corrupt data in the visualizers’ index. To get the visualizers reindexed, do an Export / Import of the Content Library so that it will force the indexes to update.


Export and Import the Content library:

  1. Log in to your DNN portal with SuperUser/Host credentials.
  2. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Import / Export.
  3. Select the specific site to export from the site dropdown. 
  4. Click on the Export Data button.
  5. In the export settings, select only “Content Library” to be exported.
  6. Select Run now.
  7. Click on Begin Export
  8. Validate that the export has successfully finished by looking for the Completed status.  Note: The export data can also be found in the App_Data/ExportImport folder of your DNN installation.
  9. To import, follow the steps in the article, Importing a Site



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