Evoq 9.6.9 Release Notes


This release note details the product updates in Evoq 9.6.9. 



Evoq 9.6.9 was released on 2021, Apr 15th.


DNN Platform 9.6.1

Evoq 9.6.9 is based on DNN Platform 9.6.1. Please find the release notes of DNN Platform 9.6.1 from its public GitHub page.


Evoq 9.6.9

Evoq Basic

Evoq Basic 9.6.9 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.6.1. It has the following additional updates:

  • The scheduled export job generates an exception "The process cannot access the file ...because it is being used by another process".
  • Export/import does not register module move to other panes.
  • Connectors UI shows decolorized icons for disconnected connectors.
  • Import will fail when the target site doesn't have the language.
  • page went into the wrong workflow state after import.


Evoq Content

Evoq Content 9.6.9 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.6.1 and Evoq Basic 9.6.9.

  • Google Analytics connector UI does not conform to the Google sign-in branding guidelines.
  • Wrong background color in Forms and Content Library left menu validation section.


Evoq Engage

Evoq Engage 9.6.9 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.6.1, Evoq Basic 9.6.9, and Evoq Content 9.6.9.



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