Restricting Liquid Content Management by Roles


Liquid Content Management can be performed by any role who has access to the Content Library. Unfortunately, there is no way to provide more granular management to the items inside the library, in order to filter by groups.


DNN Evoq 9+


Host/Administrator Access to the site. 


Unfortunately, there is no direct way to limit the viewing and edition of Content Items in the Library, for specific roles or users. This feature is currently being considered to be improved in future releases of the product. 

However, there is a way of achieving similar functionality, but it would require manual setup from a site administrator:

  1. Add a Specific Tag to each Content Item, in order to simplify the filtering. Optionally, you could create a Content-Type, for each Department that you wish to use. More information on how to create a Content Type can be found here:
  2. Create a Custom Security Role for Each Department. More information on how to create Roles can be found here:
  3. In a page, place a List Visualizer and select the Content that you wish to be displayed (Filtering either by Tags or by Content-Type). The Filtering menu is only displayed for Administrators, Content Managers, and Content Editors.
  4. Once the module is displaying the desired Content Items, you can edit the visualizer module permissions, and allow the custom role to "Edit Content" and "Manage Content Items". (See attached Screenshot).
  5. Members of the Custome Security Role will be able to "Manage Content" for the visualizer on the page, and the Filtering option will not be available for them. (See second and third screenshot).




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