Missing the Site Assets in the Persona Bar


Administrators and Superusers may lose access to the Site Assets menu item in the Persona Bar. This issue will usually occur after an upgrade to Evoq 9.1.1+.



The site assets are one of the few things in the persona bar that is an actual page. If the Site Assets page is placed under the Admin parent page, the page will appear automatically in the Persona Bar.

Within the Site Assets page, it housed the Digital Assets Management module that was mainly used in an older version of Evoq for asset management.

With an upgrade to Evoq 9.1.1+, Evoq has moved away from the Digital Asset Management module and moved to the functionality to Persona Bar > Content > Assets". This is due to the Digital Asset Management module being deprecated due to the module's dependency on Telerik.

The missing menu item may be due to the Digital Asset Management module, no longer being viable in the upgrade version of Evoq.

You will need to either:




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