How to request IIS logs as a DNN Customer


The IIS Logs can be requested as an OnDemand customer to troubleshoot various performance problems and to see if IIS requests are being received.



When you require the IIS for your On-Demand environment, you will need to submit a ticket to DNN Support so that the ticket can be escalated to the On-Demand team to back up your environment:

  1. Find out the device name for your environment. You can try to find the required environment URL from your primary alias list. The URL format is as follows:
    You can also enter your alias in a DNS checker or execute a dnslookup command in the command line nslookup and you will find the device name in the aliases.
  2. Then provide the following information in your ticket: Device name:
    Environment (Production/Sandbox):
  3. You will also need to provide if your environment is currently on Azure or AWS.


You should be able to receive the IIS files that will be provided by DNN Support through an FTP link in the ticket you created.



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