What are DNN Evoq's release and patch policies?


DNN Corp and the DNN Community are responsible for DNN Evoq and DNN Platform releases respectively. Because Evoq is built on Platform, we work together to determine release policies and scheduling, as well as how to prioritize necessary patching.



Patches vs. Releases

DNN will not, in general, release patches for older versions of Platform and Evoq. Instead, our process is to fix security issues as releases, keeping a single current version that includes all security fixes. If we find and fix a critical security issue, that will often be enough to prompt its own "revision release" (e.g. 10.1.1 -> 10.1.2) to ensure our clients' security is not compromised.


Release Timing and Policy

Neither DNN nor Evoq keeps a standard release schedule. We release products when we're confident they're ready to be used by our entire install base and no sooner. Important security releases are taken to completion as swiftly as possible.

You can find our full release and roadmap process in the following article on our community site: 
Pull Requests, Processes, Builds, & Roadmap.

Here are some highlights from the document pertaining to release timing:

  • Release candidates (RCs) will be made available four weeks (for major releases) or two weeks (for minor releases) before wide release.
  • General release dates are made public when the RC is made available.
  • Releases will fall between Monday and Wednesday and never on a major US holiday week

The most up-to-date policies can be found DNN Platform GitHub page:


Our team (and community contributors) monitor known security risks constantly. Our Security Center catalogs all known vulnerabilities for past and present versions of DNN. Security fixes are prioritized by impact (Critical, Moderate, or Low). If you are running DNN versions 9+, you can run the built-in Security Analyzer tool to assess the current security of your site.



As with all content in this knowledge base, this article is not to be construed as our official legal stance. For that, we have our Legal Policies page, which outlines the important terms, conditions, policies, and service guarantees we hold to.




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