Can I change the pagination value in a Content Visualizer list?


When adding the Visualizer module to your page, you have the choice to show individual content items, a list of content items, or a more detailed view of content information. When choosing List, you will have the option to choose a Page Size: how many individual items will display on the page at a time.



The default page sizes count the first three integers, then jump up to 5, 10, 15, etc. You might want to edit these numbers to match a standard columnar format, such as 4, 6, or 8 to match the Bootstrap standard 12-column grid. Unfortunately, these page size values cannot be changed directly in the GUI. You can get around this by using API calls or through a custom solution.



Like other aspects of Structured Content (a.k.a. Liquid Content), Visualizers are handled via interactions with the DNN API. Because of this, certain aspects of page layout are controlled by settings that are not directly editable via files located in your DNN folder. These page size values are set via the API and are hard-coded when the Visualizer module is used. 

If you need to get around this, a custom front-end module can be built that takes in your content directly from the DNN API. Results from the API have fully customizable pagination. Consult our article on Liquid Content APIs for information on how to access your content via the API, and Microservices: Results Pagination to learn how to specify a page size value.

Alternatively, you can also check the DNN Store for possible content visualization options pre-made by the developers in the DNN ecosystem.

Finally, if this feature is something you'd be interested in seeing in future development, you can open a support ticket and request this feature as an enhancement in future versions. Enhancement requests are prioritized according to their request volume and importance to site function. Our engineering team examines every enhancement request and strives to fulfill as many of them as is practical in each release.




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