Cannot create a package through Package Wizard


When trying to create a package in the Extensions menu in the Persona Bar, the package is created with an empty manifest file with none of the code files included in the ZIP file. This causes the extension package to be corrupted and unable to be installed.




Reproduction Steps

To reproduce this issue, you must have a version below DNN 9.2:

  1. Go to Settings > Extensions
  2. Click the Pencil Icon next to an extension.
  3. Click Create Package.

Expected Result: An extension package in the form of a zip file is created which can then be used to be installed on any environment.

Actual Result: The extension package is created with an empty manifest file corrupting the package file. None of the code files are included in the zip file, even though they are included while running the wizard.




To fix this error, you need to upgrade your environment to DNN 9.2 or the latest version of DNN. You can download the installation packages from the DNN Download site.



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