Extensions screen shows wrong upgrade version for JavaScript Libraries


If you browse to the JavaScript Libraries in versions of DNN and Evoq versions 9.4+, you may notice that the version numbers are incorrect in the "Upgrade?" column for some of the libraries. If you click on the Upgrade version number, you are taken to a screen that reads "Upgrade Details Unknown."

For example, at the time of publication, the latest version of JQueryUI is 1.12.1. But the Extensions page incorrectly lists an upgrade option of 3.5.1.




If you browse to Settings > Extensions and choose JavaScript Libraries from the Showing drop-down, you will see the currently in-use version of all JavaScript Libraries in use by DNN and Evoq. There is also a column labeled "Upgrade?" that lists what this feature thinks is the current version of each of these libraries.

Because Evoq is based on the open-source DNN Platform, some features in Evoq are inherited from this community-developed project. The Upgrade links are one such feature. They were added to the DNN project in 2019 and are still in development. As such, they should not be considered the canonical source of information as to what version of a given JS library should be used.


Which version of a JS library should you use?

In general, the Evoq installer is packaged with the most compatible version of each JS library it needs. Our development team has tested each release of Evoq extensively against the installed version. Because of this, we do not recommend updating an individual library outside the context of updating the Evoq install.

If you do need to update a JS library for compatibility with a third-party add-on, instructions on updating a library can be generalized from the article Using a different version of JQuery via CDN




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