Form and List module getting 404 errors in paginated view


The Form and List module is a community-developed open-source module. Your page visitors may encounter a 404 in newer versions of Evoq (9.0+) when attempting to sort and view paginated versions of content in the module.

If you view the HAR file entry for the error, you may notice that friendly URL rewriting is occurring. For example, the original link would be written:

Which might become:

The Form and List module has some trouble with certain settings in the URL rewriting functionality. These settings may need to be changed, which could lead to minor changes in some of your site URLs.



There are two stages to fixing this problem. Be sure to test the first change before moving on to the second.

Stage 1: Changing URL Rewrite settings

  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > SEO > URL Management > General Settings.
  2. Disable the settings - Convert URLs to Lowercase and Redirect Mixed Case URLs.
  3. Clear cache and restart the application

Stage 2: Updating the Form and List module

The Form and List module may have a more stable recent release from the DNN Community. If the first fix doesn't work, it may be worth updating to the latest version of the module. Be sure to back up your site before attempting any module updates. Test all module updates in a staging environment first.

  1. Download the most recent version of the module from the project's GitHub Releases page
  2. Install the module by following the steps in the article Installing a Module



To test the solution, you can browse to your Form and List module on your page and attempt to sort and paginate in the same way that previously led to the error. Pagination and sorting should work as intended.



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