Persona Bar displaying for some portals but not others


The Persona Bar should display across all portals if the user logging in has sufficient permission. If the Persona Bar is nor displaying for some portals but is displaying correctly for others, there may be an issue with your IIS URL Rewrite settings.



To fix this, you will need:

  • Access to a Superuser account
  • Access to the IIS instance for your DNN Evoq instance



As with other solutions involving IIS, it is strongly suggested you test this solution in your staging or development environment before proceeding to production.

IIS URL rewrites are outside our scope of support, so this article will not address how to correct your rewrite, but rather how to identify if a URL rewrite might be causing the problem.

  1. With the developer console open and cache disabled, browse to the portal that isn't displaying the Persona Bar.
  2. Log in as a Super User. The Network tab in the developer console should now contain the calls made to obtain the contents the page that just loaded. Among those will be a series of API calls that pull information necessary for loading the Persona Bar.
  3. Look for a line that reads: gettable?culture=<culture code>
  4. If this line is not present, you'll need to check your IIS URL Rewrite module.

Sometimes, the use of broad regex wildcards can cause page creation calls to be redirected. If you've implemented any new rules recently, check that the Match URL regex isn't matching the Request URL field from the previous step and sending it somewhere unintended. You can check this with development tools like Regex 101.

It may be best to remove any rules that you've recently implemented. If this solves the problem, you can pinpoint which rule introduced the problem and look into rewriting it.



Logging into the portal as a Super User should display the Persona Bar for all portals.



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