View Profile displays 404 error


A View Profile module pane can be added to any page. If that module is incorrectly modified or if components are removed, it can lead to errors when attempting to use the feature. These errors may include:

  • A 404 error when viewing a client profile, even as the Super User
  • A 404 error when attempting to view module settings for existing instances of the View Profile module on your pages
  • The View Profile icon doesn't appear when adding a new module to a page



  • DNN Evoq 9+

To fix this, you'll need:



As with other solutions that involve editing site source files, this fix should be tested in a staging environment before being performed in production.

To solve this problem, you will be overwriting your existing View Profile module files with those from a fresh install file.

  1. Find the Install file for your software and version:
  2. Extract the file to a convenient location.
  3. Browse to the following folder:
    <zip file root>\DesktopModules\Admin\ViewProfile
  4. Copy the contents over to:
    <Evoq site root>\DesktopModules\Admin\ViewProfile
    If prompted, overwrite the existing files with the new files
  5. Clear your cache and restart the application.



Log into the site as a Super User and attempt to interact with the View Profile module that previously was throwing an error.





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