Site will not load after removing DDRMenu module


The module "DDR Menu" is a navigation provider in DNN and Evoq. In versions 8+, it is the only navigation provider that comes pre-packaged. Even though the DDR Menu extension shows "No" in the "In Use" column in the Extensions control panel, and it has a delete button, if it is removed without an alternative navigation provider set up and running, it will cause an error that can prevent you from browsing your site.




  • DNN Platform and Evoq 8.3+

To fix this, you will need:



You will need to restore access to your site before reinstalling the DDR Menu extension. To do that, you'll need to get the necessary files from our Success Center and manually re-add them to your site. In this example will be done with Evoq Content 9.6.4, but you will need to make sure to use the correct version and product.

  1. Find the Install file for your software and version:
  2. When you've downloaded the correct install zip file, find and extract the following file within it:
    <Install file root>\Install\Module\
    The version number may be different depending on which version of Evoq or DNN you are using.
  3. Make a copy of, which we'll use later when reinstalling the module from the UI.
  4. Within, you'll need to:
    • Find and extract the file file into its own folder
    • Find and extract the file DotNetNuke.Web.DDRMenu.dll from the <file root>\bin folder
  5. Rename the Resources folder to DDRMenu.
  6. Copy the files as follows:
    • DDRMenu should be placed in <Site Root>\DesktopModules
    • DotNetNuke.Web.DDRMenu.dll should be placed in <Site Root>\bin
  7. Once you've copied the files, you should at least be able to log into your site. There will likely still be navigation issues and critical errors until the process is complete.
  8. Log into your site as a Super User and follow the directions in the article Installing an Extension to re-add DDRMenu using the copy of we made in Step 3.
  9. Clear your cache, restart the application, and consider also restarting the site in IIS.



Browse to the site either in an incognito or cache-disabled mode. Alternatively, you can use a system that has no cached data for the site. The site should display normally with no errors.



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