Will DNN Evoq OnDemand protect me against DDoS attacks?


Denial of Service (DoS) attacks involve sending a large amount of traffic at a target to overwhelm its capacity and shut out legitimate traffic. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have the same goal, but use a distributed network of computers to perform the attack, allowing a much larger attack without a single source that can be blocked.

All of our OnDemand clients have AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) turned on by default, as well as Amazon's standard suite of DDoS mitigation tools.



  • All versions of OnDemand Evoq and DNN



All of our OnDemand sites are, at the time of publishing, hosted on the AWS platform. This means your site benefits from all of AWS's standard tools for DDoS mitigation. On top of the standard protection, we've also enabled AWS WAF as an additional layer of security. You can read about this in the Amazon article AWS WAF - Web Application Firewall.

As with any form of internet security, redundant layers of security can be helpful. Even though we employ a robust anti-DDoS layer, it can still be beneficial to add protection of your own if you feel you are at particularly high risk. Intelligent routing tools like Cloudflare and Amazon's Route 53 can be layered on top of existing DDoS protection without interfering with hosting.



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