How is my Microservices data stored?


Data stored on Evoq can reside in several different places. Microservice data such as Form Builder and Structured Content are stored in Microsoft Azure stores, while Analytics data is handled by Google Analytics.



  • DNN Evoq 8.5+



Evoq comes in two forms: as a self-hosted install at your location (called on-premises), and as a fully cloud-based, managed SaaS platform (called OnDemand). Choosing one over the other determines where your core site data is stored and what type of hardware will be running your site.

No matter which option you choose, however, the specific microservices unique to Evoq (as opposed to DNN Platform) are stored on and powered by a cloud platform.


System context diagram for Evoq Microservices API


Where are my Form Builder and other first-party microservices data stored?

As of publication, Evoq uses the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for data storage and caching of all first-party microservices accessed via the DNN API. This is a different datastore than is used for your site's core data.


Is my data safe? Is it encrypted?

Yes! We use Microsoft Azure CosmosDB, which encrypts your data both at-rest and in-transit. You can learn more about CosmosDB security in these articles from Microsoft:


Can my data be erased, and how can I verify erasure?

Your data can be erased by contacting DNN Support. Our SaaS team will fulfill your request as quickly as possible. Since the API reads directly from the canonical data source, API methods can be used to verify erasure. You can read more about our API methods in our Documentation Center.


Do you follow any standards for data protection?

Both our cloud-based data store locations (Microsoft Azure and Google Analytics) follow ISO/IEC 27001 standards. See:





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