Can I use the Banners module in the current version of Evoq?


With the release of DNN Platform 8, DNN Vendors & Banners along with other modules that relied on Telerik components were deprecated and removed from new installs. As of 9.2, the underlying assemblies were removed and special steps need to be taken to get them to run.



  • All versions of DNN Platform and Evoq 8+



In DNN Platform 8 and all versions of Evoq built on it, the DNN Vendors & Banners module was among several modules deprecated due to their reliance on Telerik components. This was originally outlined in the community blog post "DNN 8 breaking changes" from 2015. Though they had been deprecated, they continued to work in older installs because the necessary assemblies had been abstracted to separate files. 

Up until DNN 9.2, those assembly files were still included in new installs even though the modules were not. From 9.2 onward, however, the files were formally removed and special steps need to be taken to get those deprecated modules running.

Deprecation of the modules meant that those modules no longer have official support from DNNCorp. If problems arise using a deprecated module, support can be sought from inside the DNN open source community. As with other popular modules, Vendors and Banners lives on as a project within that community and can be found on its GitHub page.

If you use Telerik components, it is strongly advised that you read up on securing those components against known vulnerabilities.




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