Is DNN Evoq compliant with the ADA or WCAG ?


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States created a series of design criteria for websites. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are a similar set of criteria developed by W3C. Both have the goal of maximizing the usability of websites for those with disabilities or other special accessibility needs.

Compliance with both of these sets of guidelines is more a matter of content creation strategy than website features. Though DNN hasn't specifically focused on the WCAG, DNN allows a website to be built with full ADA compliance.



  • DNN Platform and Evoq 9.1+



As of DNN 9.1+, the following features have been implemented with the specific goal of full ADA compliance:

  • All images can have alternative text
  • Documents can be posted in text format for processing by text-to-speech readers
  • All color and font settings are modifiable to create
  • Installed accessibility tools can be made available to both registered and unregistered users

This is not a complete list, as the ADA guidelines are lengthy and a full list would be prohibitively long.

Though DNN shouldn't provide any barriers to full ADA compliance, designing your site for ADA compliance will be dependent primarily on how you choose to present your content, not whether any one feature is present or absent. Small details like whether all of your site elements contain labels may affect compliance with the ADA and WCAG.

You can determine your ADA and WCAG compliance using third-party tools and browser addons, many of which are free and work with most major browsers.



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