Can I use Liquid Content and other Evoq microservices after downgrading to DNN Platform?


If you need to downgrade your site from Evoq Content or Engage to DNN Platform or Evoq Basic, there are important changes to the microservices that make up Evoq that you need to consider. Certain services like Liquid Content and Forms cannot function in DNN Platform and some versions of Evoq.



Liquid Content is one of several microservices that are a part of Evoq Content and Evoq Engage which utilize API calls to to push/pull information from DNN hosted servers. When these microservices are used, an API call is made that is authenticated with a microservices license that comes with the Content and Engage tiers of Evoq.

These calls are essential to the functioning of these microservices. The calls are made both in on-premises and on-demand versions of Evoq. If you do need to downgrade, microservices must be manually disabled first in order to proceed, and site functionality should be examined to determine the impact of disabling them. As microservices are hosted on DNN's servers, they must be disabled by a DNN support agent.

For more information on what features and microservices work with each version of Evoq, see: Compare DNN's CMS Products



For more information on disabling microservices, see: Disabling Microservices




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