Having a detail visualizer on the home page produces an inaccurate sitemap


When a detail visualizer is on the homepage, this can change how the sitemap will generate its mapping of the site hierarchy pages.



Site Administrator privileges.



When a Detail Visualizer is added to a page it will add an additional rule to handle URLs, as passing a request for a children page can also be interpreted as passing a content item slug. For example, /pagewithdetailvisualizer/childpage can either be a request for a child page called 'child page' or for a content item with the slug 'childpage'.

Due to this behavior, Detail Visualizers are not supported on the home page, as it breaks some functionalities, such as the sitemap. If someone adds a detail visualizer to the home page and then attempts to go to /sitemap.aspx, the response will be the home page, as it assumes it is requesting /?contentitemslug=sitemap.



To resolve this, move the Detail Visualizer to a different page. In the case of a List/Detail Visualizer, the List Visualizer can stay on the home page; however, it will need to point to a different page for the Details. (This can be configured in the List Visualizer Settings.)

Note: If a Detail or List/Detail Visualizer is modified to be of type Content Item or List Visualizer, the issue will persist. This is because this module supports versioning which stores reference to when the module was a Detail Visualizer in the StructuredContent_Visualizers table. In this case, there are 2 options:

  • To completely delete the module and create a new one (Content Item or List) from scratch, the module needs to also be deleted from the recycle bin, and the server cache needs to be cleared after that.
  • Delete the references from the StructuredContent_Visualizers table. For example:
DELETE FROM StructuredContent_Visualizers WHERE moduleid = MODULEID and [Version] IN (VERSIONID)



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