Why can't my administrators access their own Portal Asset Folder?


The default behaviour is for the Administrators of the site to have full permissions over the Portal folder. Nevertheless, in some cases, those permissions are missing.





This issue is due to the Administrator permissions are not present in the database on the Portal folder.



Caution: Take a backup before completing any database changes.

To resolve this issue, as a superuser:

  • Add all of the missing permissions to the FolderPermission table.  Go to Settings > SQL Console > Drag the following SQL script into the text area to add the administrator permissions, nevertheless, there are a few things to consider.
    1. Make a backup of the database before running this, or any SQL script.
    2. In this case, the RoleName is set to Administrator. This can be used for any role as long as these roles exist on all Portals, and that role is meant to have full access to the Portal Folder under Content > Assets.
    3. This script adds ALL permissions to the root folder including manage.
    4. It does it for every Portal. If this is only needed for a specific one, add a WHERE PortalID =  condition on line 34.


To test that this issue has been resolved:

  1. Go to Content > Assets as an Administrator
  2. Access the Portal Asset Folder

You should be able to access the folder now as an Administrator.





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