Understanding SEO Options for Content Items


Content Items in the Content Library have an SEO tab which might confuse some customers, as it is not stated that those are only meant to work when the item is placed in a Detail Visualizer.


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The SEO section in the Content Item is only used for Detail Visualizers and is not to be used for single Content Items or Lists. This is because it only works for Detail Visualizers.

Usually, when there is a single Detail Visualizer on a page, it is used to display one Content Item at a time. The URL looks similar to mysite.com/page-with-detail-visualizer/content-slug. If no data is entered in the SEO section (for the Content Item), all of the metadata tags remain the same as the original in the page. The page has the title <Page with Detail Visualizer> along with the respective description and keywords.

On the other hand, if the SEO section is populated, the metadata from the Content Item is injected into the page so that search engines verify the page as having the title <Content Item Name> along with the respective description and keywords. 

The SEO functionality is to be used for Detail Visualizers in order to have them act as pages to improve results in search engines such as Google or Bing. Instead of having 10 Content Slugs using the same page name, each of them will display a unique result in search engines.


Content Contributor: Manuel Gonzales



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