Changing Date/Time settings for Assets/Modules (Files) uploaded from MMDDYYYY to DDMMYYYY


For DNN, the date format is derived from the language used on your site which by default is en-US, This article intends to guide users in updating timestamps in their uploaded files and created modules.


  • Host/superuser access.


If you use the English language in other Countries like GB, go to Host :: Languages, simply add en-GB and in Admin :: Languagesdisable en-US on your portal.

Assuming your files/modules inherit the date format from the culture (which is the default approach for DNN modules), you would need to change the language of your site / culture-code to the desired format, en-GB or en-AU should work. So the database format remains the same but gets localized in the user interface.


The date/time format for the files should change.



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