Why can't I load my Content Library?


You have an issue where you are unable to load or interact with any component of microservices. When you attempt to access the Content Library through the Persona Bar, you get an error message "Unable to Connect to the Service"


Being unable to access the Content Library can be due to multiple factors and receiving the "Cannot retrieve the types: undefined" error message :

  • Communication issues between the server and the microservices server being able to establish a secure connection.
  • A mismatch or invalid tenant ID.
  • The Microservices server is down.

Communication Issues

Users may run into issues with DNN after changing to TLS 1.2 connecting to/passing information to third-party services or systems. On checking the error logs, the following will be seen in the DNN log files (Root/Portals/_default/Logs folder):

Error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm.

Follow this KB to have DNN force outbound connections to use TLS 1.2.


Invalid Tenant ID or Mismatch

Each microservice instance is linked to a unique tenant ID, there may be a mismatch of tenant IDs between the DNN environment ID and the DNN Microservice ID. You will need to reset the Content Library to restore the content.


To reset the Content Library:

  1. Execute this query:
    UPDATE HostSettings 
    SET    SettingValue = 'False' 
    WHERE  SettingName IN ('AnalyticsEnabled', 'FormBuilderEnabled', 


    UPDATE PortalSettings 
    SET    SettingValue = 'False' 
    WHERE  SettingName IN ('AnalyticsEnabled', 'FormBuilderEnabled', 


    DELETE PortalSettings 
    WHERE  SettingName IN ('AnalyticsAccountCode', 'AnalyticsClientCredentials', 

  2. Delete the file ~/Portals/_default/Licenses/Microservices.resources​(It is recommended to keep a backup of this file for precautionary purposes).
  3. Recycle the Application Pool.
  4. Clear the browser's cache
  5. You will now need to access the Content Library again by going into Content > Content Library.
  6. From here you will be brought to the Opt-In screen once again, you will need to click next.2020-09-17_15_26_38-Window.png
  7. Click "Enable Feature".

If the Content Library is still not accessible or the content is empty. You will need to submit a copy tenant request to Support.

Note: When troubleshooting Microservices issues, it is essential to make a copy of the instance's Tenant ID to ensure that any historical content can be restored, if necessary.

Microservices server is down

When the Microservices server is down, the DNN application will not be able to populate the Content Library list. Our SaaS Team will be monitoring the status of the microservice on a 24/7 basis and will resolve outages in less than 24 hours.

You can check the uptime by accessing (with the successful execution output indicating no current outage):

  • Content library: https://dnnapi.com/content/api/version
    Successful execution output
      "version": ""
  • Microservices registry: https://dnnapi.com/registry/api/services
    Successful execution output

The successful execution output indicates that the servers are working and currently aren't facing an outage.



Support agents

  1. You can use the Trilogy Task Monitor to check for any current or recent failures:
    1. Content library microservice
    2. Microservices registry
  2. If you see any failures, check if there are any recent Jira issues of type SaaS Incident in the DNN project. In most cases, for these outages, SaaS team is already aware about the issues and you would find an existing Jira issue.




To test that this issue has been resolved:

  • Go to Content > Content Library and open the Content library feature and see if the error message appears.



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