Managing DNN Notification E-mails


DNN offers the functionality to send e-mails with notifications using specific templates. This article provides general information about managing these e-mail notifications. 


DNN Administration access.


  • The sender e-mail used for notifications is the one from the Primary Administrator for the Portal. This can be chosen from the Settings Security menu.
  • The e-mail template for notifications can be modified in the App_GlobalResources/GlobalResources.resx file.

    Note: Please note that any changes saved in the file trigger an application restart. It is recommended to modify the file in a text editor for long entries. 

  • When configuring a Portal specific resource file, the Portal-ID is appended to the name of the site. The resource values that need to be modified for the notification e-mail are EMAIL_MESSAGING_DISPATCH_ITEM.Text and EMAIL_MESSAGING_DISPATCH_BODY.Text
  • Some tokens can be used on the e-mails. For additional information about this process, refer to Tokens


Content Contributor: Manuel Gonzales



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