Interchanging data between DNN and Google Analytics


There may be instances in which users are not aware of the way DNN and Google Analytics data interchange works. In this article you can find relevant information in regards to the way data is shared/captured between DNN and Google Analytics.


  • DNN version 9 and above.


  • DNN does not collect information from Google Analytics. This is the way DNN and Google Analytics work:

Analytics Capture

  1. An administrator configures Google Analytics in Evoq.
  2. Evoq injects JavaScript to all pages. The mentioned JavaScript is from Google.
  3. GoogleJavaScript collects all the analytics on their own servers.
  4. DNN/Evoq is not involved in any part of this process, not even to proxy.

Analytics Display

  1. An administrator goes in Persona Bar > Pages or Persona Bar > Site Analytics



  2. Evoq makes a call into to get the information.
  3. makes a call to Google to get the information.
  4. returns the data to the Evoq Persona Bar.
  5. Additionally, caches this information for a few hours in Rediscache. This is to speed up subsequent requests for the same data. The cache gets automatically purged as they expire.
  6. Evoq Persona Bar shows Google Analytics data via its own visuals.



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