Removing Google Analytics Beacon


We have removed Evoq Analytics but this was misunderstood as the entire Analytics feature being removed. This article will also clarify how to remove the Google Analytics Beacon.





Each solution depends on the specific version of your Evoq environment:

Evoq 9.6.1

There has been some confusion about the state of Google Analytics in Evoq 9.6.1.

What is being removed:
GA Beacon service that Evoq has - This beacon service was capturing data but was not displaying any of the collected data. We have removed the tracking for this data and will continue leveraging Google Analytics to power the dashboard.
What is remaining: 
GA analytics connector and GA dashboard in Evoq - This feature will still be accessible in Evoq. 
There are known connection issues with app verification when GA is enabled for the first time on a new installation of DNN, this is currently being worked on by the Engineering team to be resolved.


Below Evoq 9.6.1

From Evoq 9.6.1, the Google Analytics beacon will automatically be disabled. If you are on a version below Evoq 9.6.1, you will need to disable the service manually to remove unnecessary API calls to dnnapi for a deprecated service.



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