Limiting the Activity Stream Content by Group


The activity stream only displays the activity for all the group spaces in the environment. This article provides a solution to implement group result filtering on a separate page by using the activity stream module.





To view the Activity Stream, in a default environment,

  1. Click the Community page header.
  2. Browse the page where you've placed the Activity Stream.

Currently, the Activity stream displays the activity for all groups by default. 


  1. Create a page > Put the Activity Stream module onto a page.
  2. Go to the home page of the group you would like to restrict the Activity Stream to.
  3. Write down the group ID
    • Example:
  4. From the new page where you added the Activity Stream module, create a query string to limit the content of that group. 
  5. You can now use the above URL to hardcode a link to the new page.



To test that the above solution steps have completed successfully:

  1. Post a new activity in the group that you've decided to filter.
  2. Go to the new page where the Activity Stream module has been placed and access the page with the query string.
  3. The items in the activity stream should only display the specific group posts only.



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