Site Not Rendering Properly When User is Not Logged In


This article describes the issue and its resolution, which occurs on site(s) wherein webpages would load, but it does not render properly when the user is not logged in. Some images, themes, etc. may appear broken.

In such cases, the sites display correctly when a user is logged in, but do not display correctly when a user is not logged in (anonymous users).


DNN 9.x


Superuser/Host access to IIS Manager

Root Cause

The CSS/Themes are not being sent by the server to the anonymous users, because the Anonymous User Identity in IIS is not set to have sufficient privileges to view the site.


  1. Open IIS Manager and expand Sites.
  2. Select the site where the CSS issue was identified.
  3. Under the IIS submenu, double-click Authentication.
  4. Click Anonymous Authentication, then select Edit.
  5. Set the Anonymous User Identity from IUSR to Application Pool Identity.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart IIS and relaunch the website.
  8. The site should display properly regardless of whether the user is logged in.



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