Generating a report of external page URLs and its redirect URL


When you would like a way to identify the pages that are linked to external URLs and the redirect link when the page type is set to URL.





To generate the report, you must:

  1. Log in as a SuperUser
  2. Go to Settings > SQL Console or go to SQL Server Management Server
  3. Enter the following query:
    SELECT A.TabID, A.PortalID, A.TabName, A.Url AS 'Redirect Urls',''+ B.URL AS 'Custom Page Url',''
    + A.TabPath AS 'Default Page URL', B.HttpStatus
    FROM Tabs A LEFT JOIN TabUrls B on A.TabID = B.TabID
    WHERE A.Url <> '' AND A.PortalID IS NOT NULL
     You will need to change the to your current site's domain.

  4. Click Run Script.



Check the report generated by the SQL query and compare it with the page settings in Content > Pages > Select a Page.



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