Editing Permissions for Roles on Specific Pages


Any of the default roles (Content Manager, Administrators, Content Editor, Community Manager) cannot be edited or removed; these roles are locked and will always be provided with all of the page permissions by default. 

This article provides the steps for editing or verifying permissions for particular roles (All Users, Registered Users) on specific pages.



  • Superuser access



  1. Navigate to the page that is not editable by a particular role.

  2. Click the Permissions tab.

  3. Ensure that a checkmark () is in the proper place for granting access or permission to the specific role and not a cross (X) or a black-filled circle with a solid white line through the middle (Denied.png).


  4. If you edited anything in the Permissions tab, click Update Page to apply the changes.



Once the permissions are set correctly, the roles with the updated permissions will be able to access or edit the desired pages as intended.


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