Uploading files with the deprecated Telerik RadEditor in Evoq 8.3


When you are unable to upload files with RadEditor Image or Document Manager, you will receive the following error: "Web.config registration missing! The Telerik dialogs require a HttpHandler registration in the web.config file.". This article will detail how to resolve these issues.





This error occurs when Telerik RadEditor is being used over the DNN CKEditor while using the Image Manager uploading files. The RadEditor has been deprecated since Evoq 8.3 but could still be used all the way to Evoq 8.5.



To resolve this issue if you are on Evoq 8.3, you must:

  1. Go into your web.config file in your root folder.
  2. Ctrl-F and look for the keyword "HtmlEditor".
  3. Make sure to set the defaultProvider to "DNNConnect.CKE".

You should be able to access the DNN CKEditor now instead of the RadEditor.


If you would like to continue using the RadEditor provider in 8.3, you must:

Follow the Telerik documentation that describes how to resolve this specific error.



To test that this error has been resolved:

  1. Access the HTML Editor by going into Edit mode and edit an HTML Pro module.
  2. Click on the Image Manager.
  3. Upload an image file

You should not receive an error once you've uploaded your file.



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