Adding a self-signed certificate to IIS


This article provides steps for creating certificates in order to assign to a site with HTTPS, in case there are no certificates to choose from.



IIS Knowledge



Creating a self-signed certificate in IIS

  1. Open IIS.
  2. Go to the name of the server (in this case, DNN-VM1). 
  3. Click Server Certificates

  4. Click the Create Self-Signed Certificate option in the top-right menu

  5. Specify the URL (Without the HTTP:// segment) of the portal you are creating the certificate for. 

  6. You will see it listed at the IIS Server Certificates screen.

  7. Select this URL from the Add Site Binding window: 

  8. The user is now able to create a self-signed certificate, which is now available to be used in the test environment. 


Once the above steps are complete, the newly created self-signed certificate will be available in Add Site Bindings under SSL certificate to be linked to the site. 



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