Impersonating a DNN user


Whenever you would like to login or impersonate a DNN user to test a user-specific issue such as permissions, you can access the account through a DNN setting.



  • Access to a SuperUser account or an Administrator account.
  • Evoq Basic, Content, or Engage installations.



You can impersonate a user in Evoq 9+ by:

  1. Log in to a superuser account
  2. Go to Manage > Users 
  3. Search for the User account
  4. Click the 3 dot icon > Click login as user.



You can impersonate a user in a version below Evoq 9 by:

  1. Log in to an administrator account or superuser account
  2. Go to Host > User Switcher
  3. Click on the Magnifying glass, next to the specific user.



You can test that you have logged into the user successfully by:

  1. Find the My Profile button on your site, in default sites, this can be accessed by clicking the top-right profile icon > My Profile.
  2. From there you can see which user you are currently logged in with.



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    Tristan Sean Paul Cinco

    I'm an L1 agent, and the "Login as User" option on the first screenshot doesn't seem to appear on my DNN Test Site, which is just a DNN Platform. I've checked the Product Comparisons, and I can't find if the feature is only available for Evoq

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