Removing site from site group has Users and modules deleted


After trying to remove a site from a site group, you may find your site to have the users and modules on the site to be deleted. 





When you remove a site from a Site Group, you will get a prompt asking if you would like to remove all users from the selected site, if you click Yes, all users will be deleted. This is because essentially when a site is added to a Site Group users have access to all user sites in the group, this prompt will be cleaning up the user access as the site is removed. 

Site Groups should be enabled with caution as this is irreversible if you do not have a backup of the database.



If you do not want to remove users from the removed site:

  1. Go to Manage > Sites > Site Groups
  2. Expand the Site Group > Click Add/Remove Sites > Uncheck the site you want to remove
  3. Click No when you are prompted if you want to delete users.


If you click No, be aware that the credentials of users from other sites can still access your site, you will need to remove access manually if you would like to prohibit access to those users.

As for the modules, modules that have been added to the site from a different site will be removed because removing the site from the site group will remove the reference between the sites.



To test if the users have not been deleted:

  1. Go to the site that you've removed from the Site Group
  2. Log in as a SuperUser
  3. Go to Manage Users and look for any users that used to exist from the other sites.



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