Changing the default upload file directory for the HTML Editor


There are times when you would like to change the default upload file directory to make sure that users upload to a specific directory while using the HTML Editor upload feature. This article goes into the process of changing the default directory.



  • Access to a SuperUser account.



To change the default file upload directory location:

  1. Go to Settings > Site Settings > Site Behavior > More
  2. Click "Open HTML Editor Manager"
  3. Click "File Browser Settings" Tab
  4. Click the Browser Root Folder dropdown
  5. Change the setting to any folder in the Portal Folder.



You can test that the folder upload directory has changed by:

  1. Access a Content Editor account or higher
  2. Go to Edit mode and edit and HTML Pro module
  3. Click Advanced Editor
  4. Click Image > Browse Server 

You should see that the upload opens in the folder that you've selected.




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