How to request an On-Demand upgrade


This article aims to describe the process of how to request On-Demand upgrades for On-Demand customers and the information that is required to process the request.



When you require an upgrade for your On-Demand environment, you will need to submit a ticket to DNN Support so that the ticket can be escalated to the On-Demand team to upgrade your environment.

  1. Find out the device name for your environment. You can try to find the required environment URL from your primary alias. The URL format is as follows:
  2. Then provide the following information in your ticket:

    Device name:
    Environment (Production/Sandbox):
    When the upgrade should take place:
    Upgrade to which version:

    The window for the upgrade should be at least an 8-hour window to make sure that there are no issues with the upgrade and if there are, to give enough time for a rollback with a backup.



Once you submit the request, you will receive confirmation from Support on the Support ticket that the environment has been successfully upgraded.



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